5 Keys to Reimagining School

I taught a FREE webinar this past Friday, February 7th.

It is called the 5 Keys to Reimagining School. This webinar is all about to gaining peace and clarity! 

Let’s stop the mommy overwhelm together!

I was invited to speak at the Refresh 2020 Winter on-line Conference. Yay!!! REFRESH! is an Annual Virtual Conference for you to get inspired – with 100% free content – provided online by Homeschool Connections to grow your ideas and grow your family’s strength.

Don’t we come into homeschooling with a vivid picture of school that often little resembles reality. This vision is born from what we are familiar with, that of our own educational experience or those suggested by others we have read or seen.  Home schooling looks nothing like that.

When we try to be at peace with this disconnected vision, we become overwhelmed and believe that we are “not enough for our kids.”

What is the solution?

Simple. Let go and re-imagine school. 

In this webinar I discussed the 5 Keys to Reimagining School:

  • Prayer: the cornerstone to peace
  • What is essential in education: Tapping into your WHY
  • Planning backwards
  • Golden opportunities outside the “classroom”
  • Connecting with a “Titus Woman”

Just click on the image above and scroll down to the talks including mine, Reimagining School, to get clear on what is critical and how you can put my time-tested tips into action in your own life.  

One last thing…

I know that it is only human nature to listen to talks and soon after forget what was said and what you learned.

So with that in mind I created a companion workbook that will guarantee you remember and put into action what you learn!

Got any questions for me? Feel free to leave a comment here!!

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