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Do you ask yourself these questions?


How do I have time to do everything?


How can I determine what curriculum to use for my children?


How do I fill my spiritual well?


How do I organize my day to day?


How do I stay motivated and meet like-minded friends?


How do I homeschool my unique situation?

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Comforting Supportive Community

Together in a safe community, join 8000+ fellow Catholic homeschooling families to reimagine what education looks, and feels like on a daily basis.

Chat one-on-one, join meetups, share what’s on your mind, and ask for insights!


The Catholic Homeschool Blog & Podcast

Join Paola as she hosts a cozy fireside chat with beloved homeschool families and guides – who have walked in your shoes too!

Get fortified with articles and videos from 25+ year homeschool veteran Paola and her friends!

Private Groups & Free and Premium Courses

Forge lasting friendships in our Premium Thrive Support group. Intimate, deep-dive conversations for the daily homeschool lifestyle.

Join smaller specialty groups for your particular interests – such as first year homeschooling, teens, unschooling and more!

Homeschool support

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Thrive Support 

Close-knit community, LIVE sessions with Mentors, Group sharing that results in making learning joyful, Exclusive content members only area.

“Paola’s calm, confident, and expert guidance was a key determinant in choosing to homeschool. “She helped us create a curriculum that challenged our daughter while keeping her passionate about her studies. “Paola is a true guardian angel.” – Tricia Q.

“Thank you so much for your encouragement and inspiration. I think you understand my needs and issues quite well, and I feel your help is and will be an answer to prayer.” – Homeschool Parent
I sure appreciate having a Catholic mentor mom, your wisdom and encouragement mean so much to me!!!!” – Homeschool Parent
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Simple. Practical. Loving. Encouraging. You have a beautiful heart.” – Sheila C.
I feel so strong about this upcoming school year. Your blueprint is such a breath of fresh air, I feel like, “I’ve got this”, for the first time really in awhile.” – Homeschool Parent
“Thank you for helping me set my feet firmly on the ground — well, at least long enough to pick and plant good seeds for our WONDERFUL homeschooling adventure!” – Homeschool Parent
“Thank you very much for sharing your experiences. Your tips are going to be very useful to me. God Bless you. Greetings from Mexico.” – Rosa C.
I feel more prepared mentally for this great adventure with my children this year, than I have ever been. The responsibility is great, and I’m still not totally ready for school to start, but with His grace and my small fiat, we will be blessed.” – Homeschool Parent
“I was brought to tears, really, as I felt such a deep sense of relief and of being unburdened.” – Homeschool Parent
“I just wanted to thank you, and let you know just how much you’ve blessed this family. Our journey would not be the same without you, and for that we’re grateful. Thank you so much! God Bless!” – Amy B.
I just love dealing with you… and recommend you to all new and old home schoolers…. thank you again for offering all that you do! “ – AnneMarie C
Thank you for reminding me what the focus should be. Now let me go look into the precious eyes of my big and little ones and see what they have inside (in terms of learning♥️)” – Homeschool Parent

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