Best Mother to Guide Your Family

Ever since my kids were little, they knew who was the “Best Mom in the World”….

Mary, the Blessed Mother.  

This comes so clearly to their little hearts and I certainly was okay with coming in second!

As Catholic homeschooling parents we desire heaven for our children. It is time and time again the number one reason we homeschool. We are called to a life of holiness, and within that call is the choice to homeschool. 

It all begins and ends with our daily life, does it center on the Lord?

Are you looking for a deeper relationship with the Lord?

Mary Mother of God

Look no further than asking Mother Mary for help.

Mother Mary is our mother, she is that gentle mother who leads her children to her Son, to His Most Sacred Heart, a heart full of mercy and love…

I came to know this personally from my early days as a new mother, and new homeschool mother.

It was through the daily prayers and guidance of those dear prayer warriors in my parish. It was in those early days that through God’s actual grace that I joined a weekly Marian devotional group that met each Tuesday night, for just one hour.

As a homeschooling parent with many little ones, it was what I could realistically do. Once a week I could slip down to the parish Church after dinner while my husband did read aloud time or started baths. It lasted for one hour, and yet it was foundational.

Like a small child I sat at the feet of these older women as they guided me in devotional prayers and traditions of the Blessed Mother. 

It was these spiritual mothers, as well as the veteran homeschool moms I came to know in these early days, who gently nourished a love of the blessed Mother. This infused the daily life of our family homeschool life as I brought what I learned and experienced through the love of these women to my growing family.

That is culture building in the best sense.

praying over bible

Mary in Your Homeschool too!

I see so clearly Mary’s guiding hand as I choose to homeschool, as I choose my daily routines, as I lived out my vocation as a parent. And as a parent I am a teacher, so it fit so naturally into our homeschool life.

As revert to the faith, I did not have a storehouse of Marian devotions or traditions, so once again, the Holy Mother Church provides. I asked for help from those holy women in my parish, my homeschool buddies and mentors, scoured the local Catholic bookstore and used book shops too!

Armed with these resources, I put together my very own homeschooling with the saints kits for my family’s homeschool. As my children grew up in this Catholic Culture they too put their God given talents to use and helped me make them better each year, eventually making them available to countless families.

We spend an entire month of our homeschool in devotion to the Blessed Mother. She never failed to intercede and come to our aide.

It is with joy that I created for my family The Month of Mary.

It is my hope that this blog will help your family to fall in love, to learn together, to pray together and to get close to the “Best Mom in the World.”

If you need a little extra help, there is a handy downloadable kit too!

We designed many projects for the entire month as well as Marian Mother’s Day cards, as it is fitting to celebrate Mother’s Day with the best example of motherhood.  

We  also created multi-level projects from coloring pages, to notebooking to making mini-books, something for everyone in the family. These include information sheets and instructions, helpful links, and ideas.

  • May by Day calendar with daily meditations, prayers and reflections
  • Mary garden flower symbolism and signs
  • May crowning songs, and ideas
  • Litany of the Blessed Mother  
  • Marian coloring page
  • Bible verses for handwriting practice
  • Symbols of Mary Mini-books
  • Notebooking Pages and much, much, more!

Want a copy of Our Month of Mary Kit? CLICK HERE (pay $0 or pay what you want)

I invite you to Spend the month of May with Mary!

And join us in the Catholic Homeschool Community, where we are building Catholic Culture through the homeschool life!

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