Catholic Homeschool Week

Hosted in the Community

  • Join over 8500+ families in an amazing 5 day, FREE Global celebration for Catholic families!
  • Each day brings inspiration, encouragement, from t he practical to the fun!
  • All talks are hosted in our PRIVATE (off social platforms) Catholic Homeschool Community!

Topics for the Catholic Family

Each day we will release NEW TALKS from amazing speakers:

  • Essentials to Save Your Child’s Faith
  • Parenting Teens
  • Prayer Life of Tired Parents
  • The Socialization Myth
  • Eternal Reasons to Homeschool
  • Creating a Mission for your Homeschool
  • and many more!


  • EVERY MORNING we will kick off with a LIVE Rosary
  • Social Meet-ups each day
  • Door Prizes every day
  • Easy to enter, Easy to WIN
  • Prizes donated from the Catholic business, Catholic Authors and Catholic ministries too!

July 17-21, 2023


Range of Topics


Live & Recorded Video

Paola Headshot

Welcome Letter from Paola

What is Community?

Are you feeling nervous? Overwhelmed? In need of support?

I get it….

Way back in 1996, yup that far back, when we made the choice to homeschool our children, I did it kicking and screaming!

I was sooooo nervous and felt utterly alone, and certainly not qualified at all.

But then I found Community!

Know what? After 25 years of homeschooling, and coaching hundreds of families I found this truth…

Community is the only way to homeschool because…

Community is the single BEST WAY to navigate through rapid change…like you are doing with homeschooling.

Community is the single BEST WAY to build new HABITS and VIRTUES for both you and your children.

Community is the single BEST WAY to pursue that transformation you crave, from feeling alone, nervous, and overwhelmed to having a crystal clear path to homeschool this year and beyond with confidence and joy!

So let’s celebrate the gift of COMMUNITY…

Join us at our Celebrate Catholic Homeschool Week! Woo-hoo!

We are here for you for the entire breath of your homeschool journey.

Looking forward to seeing you there, 

Paola Ciskanik
Event Host

Meet the Sponsors

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Into the Deep
Catholic community plus logo

Want Community PLUS?

Come join the special COMMUNITY PLUS space where we pray together, spend time together being honest and vulnerable with the challenges we face, and share our hearts for the Lord as we live the homeschool life!

Together we are building Catholic Culture in our private PLUS space.

Community PLUS| Your personal space to meet like-minded parents, form REAL friendships along the way while sharing focus time, attending Masterclasses and having fun too!

Community+ Just what you asked for:

  • Meet like-minded families in a close knit group
  • Get your most challenging questions answered each week
  • Set time for focus work each month
  • Mentorship with Veteran homeschooler
  • Exclusive 200+ VIDEO Library
  • LIVE sessions
  • Weekly Accountability partners
  • Small Group Social meet-ups
  • Homeschool Parent Masterclasses
  • Discounts on workshops and events

 Stay on Track, Stay Focused, Stay Connected