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Join Paola as she sits down with Cathy Duffy to discuss how, by identifying our children’ s learning styles, we can teach our children more effectively and efficiently.  They will also discuss how to eliminate some of the frustration children encounter when they are trying to learn new concepts.

Cathy Duffy

Catholic Mother and Curriculum Expert

Cathy Duffy is well known as a curriculum expert. She has researched and written about curricula for home education for more than 35 years. Her website at is the go-to resource for homeschool curriculum reviews. 

Her digital book How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum walks you through the process for choosing the resources that will work best for each child and each family. Cathy home educated her own three sons through high school and has also taught numerous groups of both children and adults. 

Download Cathy’s handout, which breaks down the different learning styles!

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Cathy’s Book: How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum

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