Celebrate Shakespeare’s 400

Begin by checking out any local functions. In our area the local Shakespeare company is hosting a special one hour event whereby over 50+ people are going to recite famous lines, one by one, from ALL of his plays and do so in just one hour…noon today!  
If there is nothing local…you can take your family to England virtually and visit his family homes, farm and gardens. Just watch the video below for a sneak peek into his daily life!
You can also register for a FREE virtual tour for the 400 celebration  which will be broadcast today at 9:30am BUT don’t worry if you miss it, all registered viewers will be notified by email for the archived video…we just registered our family homeschool:
You can watch In Search of Shakespeare by Michael Wood on YouTube over several nights. It is a fairly balanced program that our family has seen several times and really enjoyed.  The author goes to great pains to show how he uses primary sources for his quest and ultimately presents a strong case of a Catholic man living and writing in a persecuted and dangerous time for Catholics.

Totally immerse your family in the rich language of his plays with these amazing editions that contain fabulous essays that restore a traditionalist viewpoint …celebrate Catholic Style with a few of the Bard’s most notable plays available for download, no shipping from the Ignatius Critical Editions library at Emmanuel Books.


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