Clara Davison | Is Homeschooling Worth It? | The Catholic Homeschool Podcast

Does homeschooling actually work? Do you find yourself worrying that you will ruin your kids by homeschooling? Today, Paola sits down with homeschool alumni and Brand Manager of Holy Heroes to dispel the myths and give a real-life answers on if homeschooling is really worth it.

Clara Davison

Catholic Mother and Brand Manager for Holy Heroes

Clara Davison is the Brand Manager for Holy Heroes after handling many other roles over the years since the company was founded. A proud homeschool graduate, she credits her nontraditional schooling for the ability to transition smoothly between a variety of professional fields and interests.

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Books that Paola Mentioned:

I Believe: The Apostles’ Creed in Sacred Art for Young Children

Lucy and Patrick Pray The Rosary

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