Family of God: Grandparent Interview Activity Kit

by Maryanne Patterson

This Grandparent Activity Kit is an additional kit from the author of Family of God that is a great way to sample her amazing history program as well as creating a treasure of family history.  In her words, “Living relatives are a treasure trove of information and memories. Their recollections are important, not just in the gathering of data, but in getting to know more about them and the lives they have lived. Grandparents and other older living relatives almost always want to share this information so that it can be passed down and enjoyed for many years.”

Family of God: Grandparent Interview Activity Kit  will help you keep those memories alive with your children. The purpose of this kit is to have the children send questionnaires to their grandparents (or extended older family members) and get them back in the relatives own hand.  Not only does this provide a tangible keepsake, Granny’s own handwriting, but it is so personal and to top it off they learn the art of writing letters, addressing envelopes and enclosing cover letters too!

Each kit contains interview questions that each child can choose from to ask their grandparents,  several blank templates that can be easily printed and used such as lined paper, cover letter template and clear directions for the entire activity. In addition, there samples from the authors own kids. Great add on for Family of God, which can then be added to a family history scrapbook or as part of your primary history education. (All ages, 12 pages, PDF)

Click here to obtain a copy: Family of God: Grandparent Interview Activity Kit

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