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I am so very excited to be have my next Fireside Chat with the amazing and super generous hearted Jenny Bales!

We will be talking about the first step in your homeschool planning process, how to effectively PONDER, what worked and what did not. Jenny will guide us step by step.

Many already are well acquainted with Jenny’s big heart for homeschool moms as she is the founder of the blog and community, Heart of a Mother, where you will find her encouraging and connecting mothers through their homeschooling journeys!

Jenny Bales

Catholic Mother and Homeschooling Consultant

Jenny and her husband have been married since 1999 and live in North Texas with their 4 children, ages 8-18, who have been homeschooled all their lives. Her homeschool philosophy is “whatever works” with a smattering of literature-based learning, Charlotte Mason, and Classical elements. She is addicted to tea (hot and sweet), dark chocolate, red wine, college football, and mystery novels and cannot resist an opportunity to coordinate a conference, retreat, co-op, book study, social group, and/or moms night out. She loves to reflect on all aspects of Catholic homeschooling through the lens of our incredible Catholic faith.

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