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Are you or your family feeling stressed about finances? Is budgeting really important? Do you really know what the Catholic Church teaches about money? 

In this weeks podcast, Paola Ciskanik discusses these questions with Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira, the founders of WalletWin! Definitely a must watch!

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Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira

Catholic Parents, Founders of WalletWin

In January 2012, Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira (Text-Sarah) were FOCUS missionaries, had $25,000 in debt, and a deep desire to break free. A short—and zealous—7½ months later they wrote their last check to Sallie Mae and closed the doors on debt forever. Since kicking debt to the curb, they’ve focused on saving, investing, and giving in a way that set them up for total financial independence for a lifetime.

Upon hearing their story, a few people asked them money questions…and they answered them. That snowballed into hundreds of people asking questions, speaking at events, and providing 1:1 financial coaching.

They launched WalletWin in 2017 to help as many people as possible get out of debt, build wealth, and transform the world through generosity through their online course, membership, and podcast.

They live in Omaha, NE with their three daughters Josie, Charlotte, Ellie, and crazy but lovable Labrador Retriever, Wrigley.


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