Learn Spanish During the Holidays

I am so excited! This past week I had the opportunity to interview Adrienne Babbitt, my go-to expert on language learning in your home!

In our SPECIAL EVENT PODCAST FOR THE CATHOLIC HOMESCHOOL COMMUNITY she shares how her family is connecting with native Spanish speakers to increase their fluency, and making these connections through the holidays! 


If you are ready to…

👍 get consistent Spanish practice, even if your life is already full,

👍 get over the FEAR of SPEAKING, and

👍 learn how to actually connect with Spanish speakers in your community and around the world…

👍 to live the Liturgical Year while naturally incorporating Spanish traditions into Advent, Christmas and Epiphany! 

Watch this VIDEO as Adrienne does a WALK THROUGH and an extra BONUS too!

Adrienne Babbitt

Adrienne is the Founder of Learn with Me Languages, and she’s fondly known as the Chief Optimist. She leads a team of talented teachers who help families learn languages through CONNECTING with native speakers of the language they’re learning. Families form friendships that motivate them to USE the language. The program was birthed at the beginning of COVID, and since then they have connected hundreds of families from around the world learning Spanish and English together through the Family Language Exchange. Adrienne is also the host of the Building Bilingual Families Podcast, and her passion is to help families become bridge builders in their communities.

We’ve partnered with Adrienne with her exceptional Spanish program, and we are so excited she will be opening spots for Habit Spanish.

You can get 25% off the HabitSpanish program exclusively through the Catholic Homeschool Community. Regularly $248, your entire family can enroll for only $186 for a limited time (based on availability. Spots will go fast, so don’t delay!) CLICK HERE to save 25%.

Check out Adrienne’s website: LearnWithMeLanguages.com

Also check out her podcast: Building Bilingual Families

Don’t forget to subscribe to her Youtube Channel!



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    1. Audrey Hoppe

      This looks like an amazing program. I had a chance to watch additional videos of the community classes on Vimeo, they are very engaging , fun, and uplifting.

    2. Anne

      I love that music is part of learning!

      • Adrienne Babbitt

        Anne, thanks so much for mentioning that. Yes, music is a very easy way to help new words and phrases stick! In our program, we do learn traditional songs, but we also learn songs to help us learn phrases around the home and habits in our everyday lives!

      • Adrienne Babbitt

        Anne, that is a great point! Music is an excellent memory sticker for new words and phrases in a second language. In our program, we not only learn traditional songs, but we also learn how to remember phrases from our everyday habits with music!

      • Lisa Farwick

        I’m so excited to hear Adriennes podcast! we are currently using a free online program to learn languages in our home. We can’t currently take an exchange student, but my children would love to have a connection with a family in another state! This sounds like the perfect answer for us. thank you!

    3. Brenda

      I’ve been trying to teach my children Spanish and I know they would take to this way of learning. Great idea!

      • Adrienne Babbitt

        Thanks for your interest in it Brenda! I completely agree! Learning authentically, and in a immersive home environment is one of THE BEST ways to learn a second language! I hope you get to join us in the program!

    4. David

      What a great program!

      • Adrienne Babbitt

        Thank you! I hope you will join us in it! HabitSpanish has changes the lives of so many homeschoolers around the world!

    5. Anna Gilley

      This is wonderful!

      • Angela

        I love how it is a learning aid for us and others with English and Spanish. What a Beautiful way to build the Kingdom of God! We are called to community and can do so by sharing and learning from each other.

        • Adrienne Babbitt

          You are right Angela! It is all about COMMUNITY and BUILDING CONNECTIONS! What I have found is this is the MOST MOTIVATING WAY to learn a language. An immediate purpose and relationships to keep you going!

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