Little Flowers Girls Club

Little Flowers Wreath 1 Leaders GuideThe Little Flowers is a group whose goal is to provide young Catholic girls, from age 5 and up, the opportunity to gather and learn about their Catholic heritage, faith, and traditions as well as other “womanly” traditions that may have faded from view.  Through the meetings the girls will hear, read, share, and learn about their role model – the Blessed Virgin Mary, their patroness – St. Therese of Lisieux, saints of the church, women in religious life, and their own mothers.  This guide provides guidance to running your own group.  Includes the details for running a meeting with activity sheets that are focused on the virtues.  Each virtue has a flower, a color, a saint, and a memory verse from Scripture.  Four wreaths (years) are available!!! 

The Little Flowers Members Guide Books are about 33 pages each, and save you the time and trouble of copying bios on saints and activity worksheets for each meeting.

Fully embroidered patches (or badges, if you prefer) to augment your Little Flowers Girls Club sashes are available for all 4 wreaths of the program. Each 9 patch set includes the virtue, color and flower for the virtues. The badges create a 4 ½ inch diameter flower shape when finished except for Wreath 4, which makes a crown.




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