Little Women Hospitality Program

Little-Women-Logo-_framedOn the title page of this book is the following verse, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” -Matthew 25:35. How uplifting to find a mom who has seen the need to teach the virtue and skills of true hospitality and put together a program that is well thought out and easy to use. But what is especially delightful to me is how she has also tied in stories from literature, the Bible, or a saint’s life that are tied to the particular skill. This program teaches 10 different aspects of hospitality which can be used during the school year from September to June, or as a follow-up to your Little Flowers group or just about anytime and in any order. Your girls will learn the proper way to clean a room, how to Bring Hospitality to Others, Table Manners and Conversation, Correspondence, Sewing and dressing Modestly, Cooking, How to set and clear a table, Preparing a room for a guest, how to plan a Mother and daughter tea and even a book club idea! The teacher’s manual lays out all the organizational ideas and prep needed for each hospitality taught,including Demonstration of the skill, practice of the skill, fun games, Take Home ideas and even field trip ideas. You will most likely want a student Companion book for each girl in the program. In it she will find all the take home ideas, recipes and field trip ideas too! (recommended for ages 10+)

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