MaryEllen Barrett | How to Homeschool Without Losing Your Mind | The Catholic Homeschool Podcast

Do you think homeschooling while keeping a clean house and managing your children is impossible? Spoiler alert: It’s not! In today’s podcast, join Paola and MaryEllen Barrett as they discuss her top ten tips on how to homeschool without losing your mind!

MaryEllen Barrett

Catholic Mother, Editor, and Speaker

MaryEllen is the mother of eight children, and has been married to her husband, David, for thirty years at the end of this year. She is currently working as an editor at Seton Magazine as well as heading up special projects for them. She was a columnist for The Long Island Catholic for 15 years. She has been homeschooling for about 20 years, graduating four thus far. She has been a speaker at the IHM Conferences as well as at other Catholic Women’s Conferences. MaryEllen loves traveling, reading, embroidery and gathering with friends.

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Mary Ellen Barrett


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    1. Cheryl

      I’ve been meaning to watch this since it came out and finally made it happen while I held a sleeping baby and my toddler played with her big sister. Thank you! I needed this!


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