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Join Paola as she discusses the various homeschool styles and educational philosophies to choose from in your homeschool life with wife, mom, grandmother, author and Homeschool Connections co-founder, Maureen Wittmann.

What is a Homeschool Style?

Do you need one?

How do you find your best fit for you and your children?

What is the difference between, Classical, Charlotte Mason, Unschooling, Scholastic, and others?

Come join the conversation as Maureen shares her vast experience in planning your homeschool life  to match your family’s unique needs and style!

Maureen Wittmann

Catholic Mother and Editor

Maureen Wittmann is a wife, mother of seven children, and grandmother of four. She is an editor, author, and co-founder/director of Homeschool Connections and the Catholic Homeschool Conference. She is grateful for all the homeschool parents who helped her over the years and works to give back to the community.

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