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This week’s podcast is a throwback to last year but just as important! During these crazy times we know only one for sure about Advent this year: it will be different. Without the things we are used to, like Christmas Concerts and large family gathers, it might be tempting to just let the season pass us by, but I’m here to challenge you to make this Advent something very special for your family. As a mother of 5, I know how hard it can be to do something that will engage the hearts of every family member, but I have some fun ideas to share with you so that you family can really get Advent right this year.

Nancy Bandzuch

Catholic Mother, Founder of Catholic Sprouts

Nancy Bandzuch started Catholic Sprouts two years ago out of a desire to help her own family! She was struggling to find a way to teach her kids the faith every day in spite of busy schedules, distraction and the craziness of life. She was looking for something audio-based because her kids really responded to that, but there was nothing out there that was short, simple, and super easy to use; so she decided to make it herself! And the podcast was born!

The response was immediate and overwhelming and sparked ideas for other products to help families teach the faith in a way that is easy, practical and beautiful. They discovered their passion for helping parents evangelize their children.

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