Little Saints Preschool Program ~ A Review

Little Saints_mock upPreschoolers are learning every minute, every day, absorbing their environment.  But how do we prepare this environment with rich soil, in which we can plant their precious imaginations?  Author and mother of six, Cynthia Blum, has designed the very answer.  In the pages of Little Saints: A Catholic Preschool Program with Classical Disciplines, an extraordinary two-year, literature-rich, lesson plan, you will see the dignity of the child, his very soul and imagination nurtured and led towards a deep love of God. There is simply nothing like it….rich in classic literature, poetry, art appreciation, classical music, classic Mother Goose nursery rhymes, finger plays and circle games and art projects that make learning essential, developmental, and cognitive skills FUN and faith-filled!  It even comes with a Nihil Obstat and an Imprimatur from Bishop Fabian W. Bruskewitz.

kids on beachWe have loved using this lesson plan for our own children because it is so thorough in covering all the necessary elements desired for beginning a Catholic Classical education. There are 40 weekly themes, filled with enjoyment, character building concepts and virtues, each to be taught over three days.  Each day begins with the “Word of God”, a brief passage from Scripture, appropriate to the virtuous lesson introduced in the week’s theme.  Then a classic poem, that has been carefully chosen to pause and reflect upon, links once again to the main theme for the week.  In addition other poems are read aloud on days two and three to help remember the main theme or are just introduced simply for the pure enjoyment of the language and rhythm of the poem. Next comes story time, with a big list to choose from of classic children’s literature (many of which can be obtained from your local library), followed by traditional nursery rhymes and finger plays, songs and circle games.  Ending each day’s lesson with an art project or learning game, using common household items. Each learning game capitalizes on the strength of a preschooler’s ability to learn foundational skills through hands-on creative experiences, such as sorting, counting, sequencing, matching and role playing.  To further surround and fill your home environment with truth and beauty, a selection from a well-known Classical composer is included at the beginning of each lesson to be listened to throughout the week. Included with the lesson plan is a pattern packet with black-line masters, granting a family permission to copy them.

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