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The Catholic Homeschool Blueprint Course


The Catholic Homeschool Blueprint course is simply the *fastest* way to create a homeschool plan that is perfectly tailored to your unique family.

Go from confused and overwhelmed to clear, calm, and JOYFUL.

Meet Paola and learn from her 25+ years of homeschooling her 7 children, now all grown and graduated, the hundreds of families she coached as well as her best homeschooling friends! She will walk you step by step in a 5 step process that will calm you fears and bring clarity to confusion.  

All Sessions are pre-recorded and available 24/7 alongside all guides, templates, and scripts, with LIVE Q and A sessions each week.

Paola, will quickly, and easily guide you to a joy-filled catholic homeschool life.

Thrive Support Group

The Thrive Support Group

Monthly Catholic Homeschool Support Group

Our children are a gift from the Lord, on loan to us for such a short period of time. The are truly precious with a mission to serve the world with their strengths, passions and gifts. Each child is a unique, unrepeatable event in time.

Your family has a special mission!

We are much better together as we launch our precious children into the world to serve Him. Each month we journey together, learning, encouraging, and getting on the right path suited for your unique, amazing family!

History Worth Remembering™ Timelines

History Worth Remembering™ Timelines

Have you been searching high and low for timeline figures that included a balanced Catholic perspective on history? History Worth Remembering Timeline Sets include the contributions of Catholics throughout time; they are fairly represented in the context of other...

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Homeschooling History Family Style Course

Homeschooling History Family Style Course

Not enough hours in the day to teach all your children? Want to have more time to spend on making memories with your children? Want your children to be prepared for the world, with a strong knowledge of history and the impact of major events on our lives today?...

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