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Preschool and Kindergarten

Homeschooling Pre-K & Kindergarten

Let’s not forget the little ones…

Discovery, Wonder and Joy are infused in this workshop for homeschooling the early years!

We all know that for these little ones, play is learning.

However, at the same time we are eager to make sure we lay a solid foundation for life long learners! Therefore we need set the stage for focused play and intentional environments and materials.

Let’s help them learn as they “play.”

Join Paola in this workshop as she guides you through a faith-filled journey of homeschooling the early years.

Let's Learn History Together

Let’s Learn History Together

A  mini-workshop to show you step by step teaching all ages together!

We honor those before us by studying the past…

The best way to simplify your homeschool life is to combine ages when you learn history. 

Start today, and you will learn how to transform your homeschool life.

You have taken that vital step towards making your homeschooling streamlined while having fun, adding curiosity, and wonder!

History is the most natural subject area to combine all the children, immersing them in a year long study in a chosen time period.

High School Workshop

Homeschool High School


Join Paola in this workshop as she guides you through a faith-filled journey of homeschooling the teen years!

  • What is the goal of the teen years:?
  • What is their “WHY should I learn this?”
  • Let’s talk discernment
  • Continue to lay a foundation to life-long learning
  • How to foster a meaningful and lasting relationship with family & with God
  • What areas should you cover and how to teach them
  • The overall road map of the high school years
  • and so much more…

The Catholic Homeschool Blueprint Course


The Catholic Homeschool Blueprint course is simply the *fastest* way to create a homeschool plan that is perfectly tailored to your unique family.

Go from confused and overwhelmed to clear, calm, and JOYFUL.

Meet Paola and learn from her 25+ years of homeschooling her 7 children, now all grown and graduated, the hundreds of families she coached as well as her best homeschooling friends! She will walk you step by step in a 5 step process that will calm you fears and bring clarity to confusion.  

All Sessions are pre-recorded and available 24/7 alongside all guides, templates, and scripts, with LIVE Q and A sessions each week.

Paola, will quickly, and easily guide you to a joy-filled catholic homeschool life.

Get Inspired

The Get Inspired Collection


Our collection is constantly growing, and you don’t have time to watch the over 200+ videos. 

Life is busy, and when we get caught up in the details, assignments and chores we often forget to see the big picture. 
That’s why we’ve put together this smaller collection ( a Baker’s Dozen – 13 in all) of our most popular talks from some of our favorite speakers, like Pam Barnhill, Mary Ellen Barrett, Mike and Alicia Hernon, Father Leo, Jen Mackintosh and more!!!
 If you feel that you’re forgetting your “why” or need a simple reminder on some of the “hows” then this bundle is for you!