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If you have daughters eager to play sports, or perhaps you are an athlete yourself…

This is one podcast you NEED to watch and SHARE with friends, family, and well, everyone!

Especially in today’s environment our daughters need to understand and live their identity as daughters of God with joy as they strive to be the best athlete they can be.

Samantha’s Ministry FIERCE website:

FIERCE Athlete exists as an organization that promotes truth and beauty in the realm of women’s athletics. While Title IX opened many doors for women since it was enacted by Congress on June 23, 1972, the past fifty years have also seen an increase in messages and policies that are toxic for female athletes. FIERCE Athlete desires to talk about the goodness this law has brought about, while also addressing the many issues women in sport face today.

Using the teachings of the Catholic Church and Theology of the Body, FIERCE hopes to be a bridge between sport and faith, be a reliable and supportive community, and properly equip an army of fierce, integrated female athletes to positively impact the culture of women’s athletics.


Samantha Kelley

Catholic Athlete and Mentor

Samantha Kelley is the Founder and current President of FIERCE Athlete Inc. She played Division I Soccer at UConn, and is currently involved in competitive rowing. She has spent the last 12 years working for Catholic nonprofits and outreaching to female athletes. She graduated with a Masters in Catholic Psychology, holds certification in Strength & Conditioning and has extensively studied the Theology of the Body. It was actually through the teachings of Theology of the Body and the Catholic Church that she discovered what it means to be both feminine and athletic. These teachings have the power to heal and through FIERCE Athlete she desires to share those truths with female athletes and women across the world.



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