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Do you take yourself a little too seriously? We all know how it is. Homeschooling is tough, and some days it may feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Well, don’t you think its time to add a little humor into your homeschooling? Luckily, Paola has found the perfect guest for just that. Join her as she sits down with Susie Lloyd to discuss humor and homeschooling in this weeks episode of the Catholic Homeschool Podcast.

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Susie Lloyd

Catholic Mother, Humorist, Author, and Speaker

Susie Lloyd is a Catholic homeschooler from Pennsylvania with 27 years of homeschooling experience. She is married with 7 kids and 12 grandchildren… so far! She helps new and struggling homeschoolers through personal consulting services. Homeschoolers also enjoy her award winning humor books, articles and practical conference talks.

Find more of Susie’s work on her website:

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