Teaching Science: The Early Years

You will see an evident and deliberate lack of textbooks for the early years of science.  We encourage you to explore your very own backyard and neighborhood before you endeavor to study science in any formal way.  This way, we respect the dignity of the child by engaging him in age appropriate activities that draw them towards awe and wonder of the created world.  Each day can easily present new and wonderful opportunities, such as sketching in their own blank books a rainbow in the sky after a rainstorm.  On a brilliant, crisp, fall day, do leaf rubbings together after collecting as many different kinds of leaves split_compliment_leavesas you can find. The children can identify the caterpillar they gingerly carry home, that happened to crawl into their laps as they played in the garden.  Our home is filled with books on plants, birds, butterflies, insects, pond life, the seashore, the stars, and so much more of God’s glorious world. This is how we teach our own children.  Take time to explore, discuss and delight in these formative years and you will be laying the groundwork for higher level questioning and analyzing, by having had a rich and intimate experience with the natural world around them.

Here are a few of the must haves, rich in ideas we have used with our own children, just click on any title to see the full desriptions:

Handbook of Nature Study

North American Wildlife

Keeping a Nature Journal

Nature Portfolio (complete with notebooking pages, a parent’s guide, copy work and more!)

Giant Science Resource Book

The Nature Connection: An Outdoor Workbook for Kids, Families

Nature coloring books

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