The Office of Assertion by Scott F. Crider

office of assertion

I wish I had picked up this book years ago. It is a must-have for parents who want to teach their children how to write an academic essay. This is meant for the parent to study and employ in their written assignments for their high school students. Using Mr. Crider’s guidance you will ensure that your college bound high school student will be amply prepared to handle essay writing and longer persuasive academic papers. He breaks down the process in logical stages, carefully explaining the purpose of each stage. He offers a variety of approaches and explains too what college professors are looking for. He defends the adage, “clarity is not boring”, to help the student realize that planning, organizing, writing and rewriting serve a valuable purpose to which ends is a persuasive essay or paper that draws the reader towards truth. Buy one for yourself to mark up and make notes and one for your student to take to college! It is a treasure.

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