We are better together at the THRIVE Catholic Homeschool Community

Is this you? Tired of feeling this way?

How do I balance being teacher with being a mom and running a household? And this after I’ve been at it for a decade!

Some days I feel torn between my big kids needs and little kids needs. I keep feeling guilty the little ones have to wait for me. This is hard!

How do I plan daily assignments for multiple kids?

How do I keep on a schedule? I have ideals, but being home makes me want to clean, cook, and all else and many times my teaching falls by the wayside…and I don’t want it to continue, so how do I ignore all that and just TEACH??

How to choose the right curriculum and the BEST FIT for my child/children?

Results from Thrive Members

This is a thriving online community of Catholic homeschooling parents where I can bring questions and where I can LEARN!

I was brought to tears, really, as I felt such a deep sense of relief and of being unburdened.

I love the encouragement, the sharing of ideas and real-life stories of what worked and didn’t work for families in their homeschool journey. It helps dispel the darkness that creeps into our minds about what we should and shouldn’t be doing in our homeschool and whether we are even capable of doing it! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights!

I sure appreciate having a Catholic mentor mom, your wisdom and encouragement mean so much to me!!!!

This community is a blessing! I learned so much from the recorded podcasts, articles, and other resources. I feel assured and encouraged each time I listen to the sharing and advice from experts – there is hope in our busy, crazy, fun homeschool life! It’s so comforting and I feel at home and closer to God when we pray for one another.

I highly encourage every parent with school aged kids to join this community – homeschooling or not.

Thank you for helping me set my feet firmly on the ground — well, at least long enough to pick and plant good seeds for our WONDERFUL homeschooling adventure!

I feel more prepared mentally for this great adventure with my children this year, than I have ever been. The responsibility is great, but with His grace and my small fiat, we will be blessed.

Here is what you get in the Thrive Support Group:



You are not alone. We are better together. Meet like minded families!

Monthly LIVE Q and A sessions with Paola and her homeschooling friends!



Training from veteran homeschoolers and Catholic experts.

Veteran Homeschool mentor workshops and exclusive interviews that are tailored to your most urgent needs!



Focus on what is truly important, and set realistic, doable and attainable goals!

Monthly “In-service” Huddles with mentors and fellow members to work on homeschool plans and more!

Meet Paola

I am a wife and mom of 7 children, all now graduates of my very own and very real homeschool (ages 33-22 and notice I did not say perfect!)

I bring my love of my faith, marriage, family and my grateful heart! I bring to each coaching session, my 25 years of home education experience that is truly family-tested!

I also bring the vast knowledge I gained from founding and running Emmanuel Books, the trusted source for these past 20+ years, where I personally researched and sought the very best books/resources for families…Always through a Catholic lens, always with realistic goals in mind to bring mom inner peace!

It was during that time too, that I had the honor to consult with hundreds of families to bring them encouragement, focus and JOY into their own unique homeschool journey!

Homeschool support

THRIVE is Community+

Just what you asked for:

  • Meet like-minded families in a close knit group
  • Get your most challenging questions answered each week
  • Set time for focus work each month
  • Mentorship with Veteran homeschooler LIVE sessions
  • Weekly Accountability partners and social meet-ups
  • Homeschool Parent Teachable Moment Sessions
  • Stay on Track, Stay Focused, Stay Connected


Get these special bonuses when you join!

Bonus 1

Ready to Use Homeschool forms

Includes report cards, editable transcript, planning forms and more.

Bonus 2

Grade-by-Grade Religion Booklist

Most requested item from Paola’s TOP PICKS. Here is your go-to list of religion must haves! Start building your home library of these religion books.

THrive Homeschool Support

Each month, you get:

  • Teachable Moments and Live Q and A with Paola
  • Three LIVE Huddle Co-Working Sessions each month
  • Monthly Mentor Wisdom Meet-ups
  • Exclusive articles, resources
  • Ready-to-use materials
  • Exclusive access to over 40+ masterclasses and videos
  • Free Masterclasses on topics from the littles to homeschooling high school

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“Paola’s calm, confident, and expert guidance was a key determinant in choosing to homeschool. “She helped us create a curriculum that challenged our daughter while keeping her passionate about her studies. “Paola is a true guardian angel.”  – Tricia Q.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Simple. Practical. Loving. Encouraging. You have a beautiful heart.” – Sheila C.

“Thank you very much for sharing your experiences. Your tips are going to be very useful to me. God Bless you. Greetings from Mexico.” – Rosa C.

“I just wanted to thank you, and let you know just how much you’ve blessed this family. Our journey would not be the same without you, and for that we’re grateful. Thank you so much! God Bless!” – Amy B.

“I just love dealing with you… and recommend you to all new and old home schoolers…. thank you again for offering all that you do! “- Annemarie C.