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Sometimes when viewing history we can forget that every textbook, no matter how unbiased they may claim to be, will always have a particular perspective that they are being written from. Today, Paola sits down with Christopher Zehnder, the General Editor of the Catholic Textbook Project, to discuss how to teach and learn history through a Catholic Lens.

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Christopher Zehnder

Catholic Father, Convert, Author, and Professor

Christopher Zehnder, the General Editor of the Catholic Textbook Project, earned his bachelor of arts degree from Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, California, and his master’s from Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut. He has taught history, theology, Latin, English grammar, composition, English literature, and universal literature at Catholic secondary schools in Connecticut and California. He has developed curricula in history and language arts. In addition to his work in education, Mr. Zehnder has authored a trilogy set the German Reformation (the first volume recently published by Arouca Press), edited two monthlies, and written for various publications on historical, political, and theological subjects. He and his wife, Katherine, with their children live in Central Ohio.

Find more of Christopher’s work at the Catholic Textbook Project:

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